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Read through the text carefully. Then complete the following to make suitable sentences according to the meaning of the text.

1. Man first began to destroy the environment when...

2. A million years ago the size of the world's population was

3. The reason why the inhabitants of Easter Island cut down their trees was

4. The dodo became extinct because settlers on Mauritius

5. Elephants were common in most parts of the world

6. In the space of ninety years the number of buffalo in the U.S.A. decreased from

7. Salinization means that the soil...............................

8. When man started to destroy forests, soil erosion...

9. Poor sewage disposal has always caused.................

10.The surprising thing about Roman aqueducts was that

11.If nothing is done about the environmental crisis today,

12.During the last two hundred years the two main factors which have destroyed the environment are..........................................................


Match the words in the list with the nouns. Use each word only once. Which of the collocations are used to describe threats to the environment? Which describe possible ways to solve environmental problems?

acid greenhouse factory nuclear oil breeding conservation environmental

forest endangered national thick

1 ... species 5.... park 9 …. smog

2 ......... rain 6.... waste 10 …. spills

3 .. emissions 7……programmes 11…. fires

4 ... awareness 8.. areas 12 …. gases

4. Choose the correct word from the list below to complete the sentences:

greenhouse effect, endangered species, ozone layer depletion, extinct, global warming, deforestation, eco-tourism, pollutants, oil spill, car exhausts

1. The emissions from…….. bear responsibility for many more deaths than road accidents.

2. The researchers claim that air……. from the use of fossil fuel contribute to sun rays reflection back into space.

3. The rise of the average temperatures as a result of…… can lead to breakup of the ice caps.

4. Due to the….. the earth becomes surrounded by a layer of heat trapped and held in the atmosphere.

5. With…… progressing and the level of radiation growing, our planet would soon become a barren wasteland where little life could survive.

6. The governmental commission are seeking for ways to prevent …..from tankers in inland waters of the USA.

7. One cause of ……can be the further use of land for agricultural purposes.

8. Hunt for ……. of animals is strictly forbidden by the law.

9. The list of …….mammals is supplemented by the day and there is a strong possibility that our children will not see a lot of endangered today animals.

10. Both natural and cultural attractions can become objects of …..

5. Read the table, then in pairs discuss the problems, their effects and their solutions as in the example:

A:Dropping litter can result in dirty streets.

B: That's true. I think we should use litter bins instead of dropping litter carelessly


litter/rubbish dirty streets, spread of diseases encourage recycling, use litter bins
air pollution breathing problems, cancer risk unleaded petrol, filters in factories, ban cars from city centres
water pollution fish die, stomach illnesses limit use of chemi­cals in industry, fine factories which pollute seas/rivers


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Environmental Damage through History | Choose the contextual synonyms and use them in the sentences instead of the underlined words.

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