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Complete the sentences with some of the words above.

1. Passengers must go to ___________ 17 for the 14:15 ________ to Lisbon.

2. The train at _______ 6 stops at all stations to Cambridge. Passengers for Stansted should sit in the _________ at the back of the train.

3. Remember that in the UK you must ______ on the left side of the road.

4. We waited at the port for three hours, but the _________ to France couldn’t________ because of the bad weather.

5. Reading. When you travel by plane, which of these is most important to you? Number them 1 to 4 (1 = important, 4 = not important).

1. Fast internet access.

2. Comfortable seating.

3. No delays.

4. Security.


Complete the headings in the text with the words in the exercise above.

Results from a survey: Business travel is boring!

In the past, business travel was cool and exciting. But interviews with 1,600 travellers show modern travel is stressful and boring.

1. ______________. Nowadays, this rarely happens. Most modern travellers expect to be late. The problem starts at check-in.There are long queuesat passport control and the gate.Then, if the planes aren’t late, they can often be cancelled.

2. _______________. Everyone agrees this is important, but the rules for bags and hand luggageare making journeys longer.

3. ________________. 47% don’t get proper sleep. Business class helps, and the difference between the window and aisle seat can improve a journey, but more and more companies are saving money and choosing economy class for their employees.

4. ________________. The successful business trip includes high-speed connections to the Internet at the airport terminal and hotel.


Match the words in bold in the text above to these definitions.

1. Show your ticket and passport here and get your boarding card check-in.

2. Get on the plane here _______.

3. Show your passport here ________.

4. Two types of ticket _________, ________.

5. Pack this and carry it onto the plane _____.

6. Pack these and check them in _________.

7. Building where you arrive and leave ____.

8. Lines of people ________.

9. When the plane doesn’t go ________.

10. Two places to sit on the plane _____, ______.


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