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I. Read the text and make its outline. You may only divide it into four parts.

II. Think of a different title to this text and explain why you think it is suitable.

Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer

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  1. B) Skim the text and divide it into the logical parts. Entitle them.
  2. Divide into pairs and tell each other about yourself. Fill in the chart, using the information about your partner. If necessary ask questions.
  3. Divide the text into logical parts.
  4. Divide the text into logical parts.
  5. Divide the text into logical parts.
  6. Divide the text into logical parts.
  7. Divide the words below into the correct categories.
  8. Divide the words given in the box below into those which usually refer to men only, women only or people of both sexes.
  9. Divide the words of the text into fully-meaningful and syn-categorematic ones.
  10. How can the following words be divided into groups according to the stressed vowel?
  11. II Read the text again and divide the text into logical parts. Headline each of the parts

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