Task XX. Render the following in English. Use the Complex Object.

VIII. Fill in the gaps with the correct word derived from the words in brackets

The Internet has changed 1____________ (communicate) as we know it. From

education to 2_____________________________________________ (advertise) this new 3 (technology) advance has

affected 4_____________ (practical) every aspect of our lives. Magazines, newspapers and

even books are "on-line" and can be read on the computer. You can find 5____________

(inform) on any topic - the 6________________ (possible) are 7______________ (end). The Internet

can 8___________________ (instant) connect you to other computers, allowing you to "chat" with

people all over the world. It's actually very easy to learn how to use the system, and once

you're on line, you'll never want to turn the computer off! The 9____________________ (develop)

of such technology has come a long way. These 10__________________ (amaze) electronic

devices have changed many people's lives for ever.



Task IX. Review the use of Participle:

  1. Being networked only occasionally, computers didnt provide a great number of Internet services.
  2. Later they were networked using different protocols.
  3. A global computer network embracing hundreds of millions of users all over the world is a common thing now.
  4. It was a military experiment, designed by U.S. Defense Department.
  5. The drastically increasing commercial use of Internet includes also financial transactions.
  6. You may communicate over net saving your money.
  7. Our net security system exists more than four years without being cracked.


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Are you a safe surfer?

1. You've met someone In a chat room. Which Information would you give about yourself?

a) everything (or nearly everything) they ask for (for example, your full name, home address, telephone number)

b) only your fust name or a nickname - and nothing else

2. There's someone In a chat room, saying she Is fourteen years old; Would you automatically believe she's a young girt?

a) probably yes

b) no

3. You've been chatting online to someone for a while, and they suggest a meeting. What would you do?

a) agree Immediately (or after having a telephone conversation)

b) tell your family and friends first then arrange lo meet in a public place, and take someone (your best friend)

with you

4. What's the best way to deal with abusive messages?

a) reply and complain

b) ignore them

5. If you visit a site which embarrasses you. what do you do?

a) share it with your friends

b) click on "Home" lo leave that site Immediately

6. Do you think It is safe lo put your picture on the Internet?

a) absolutely

b) very risky (the picture could be edited In an embarrassing way and sent to others on the web; you could also be traced by someone who might wish to harm you)

7. What would you do If you got an e-mail from someone offering you a quick and safe way lo earn money?

a) reply quickly with your full details

b) ignore It and delete II



  1. Arrange the following units into two lexical and two terminological sets. I Give them corresponding names.
  2. B. Complex Sentence
  3. Combine the following words into sentences.
  4. Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences paying attention to Participle Constructions in different syntactic functions.
  5. IV Analyze verb-forms and translate the following sentences. Match the verb-forms with their tenses in Active or Passive Voice.
  6. Linguistic status of American English.
  7. Referential Meaning and its Rendering in Translation
  8. Rendering of Form in Translating Emotive Prose
  9. Rendering of Names of Institutions and Organizations
  10. Rendering of Names of Months, Seasons and Days of the Week
  11. Rendering of stylistic meaning in translation
  12. Rendering of terms

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