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1. Business Letters

2. Economy of Ukraine.

3. Searching for a Job. My future spatiality.

4. Money. Functions of Money.

5. Bank Organisation

6. Economy of Great Britain.

7. Economy of United States of America.

8. Computers and Internet

9. Types of Business Organisations.

10. Resume and Covering Letter.

11. Business. Forms of Business.

12. Managers Role

13. Business in Ukraine. Obstacles and Perspectives.

14. Presenting a Company. Modern Office.

15. Companies. The Structure of a Company.

16. Types of Companies in Great Britain.

17. Types of Companies in the USA.

18. Speaking Business over the Telephone. Business Etiquette.

19. The Role of Finance

20. Accounting and Bookkeeping.

21. Functional Areas of Business Organisations.

22. Supply and Demand.

23. Competition.

24. International Business

25. Marketing.

26. Different Economic Systems.

27. Mixed Economies.

28. Labour and Capital.

29. Golden Rules of Leadership. Business Ethics.




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1. What is economics?

2. What does economics study?

3. What are the key terms of economics?

4. What does economics deal with?

5. What are economic products?

6. What is the difference between goods and services?

7. What are consumer goods intended for?

8. What are capital goods?

9. What does the term value mean in economics?

10. What does the term wealth mean in economics?

11. What is counted as wealth?

12. Why does utility of consumer goods vary from one person to another?

13. What is countrys total worth?


1. What is the reason people cannot satisfy all their wants and needs?

2. What are the factors of production?

3. What does the term land mean?

4. What do economists think of land as a factor of production?

5. What is labor in economic theory?

6. What is the national labor force?

7. What does the size of labor depend on?

8. What categories does labor fall into?

9. What kind of work do unskilled workers perform?

10. What category do workers with mechanical ability fall into?

11. What kind of work are skilled workers able to do?

12. What is professional labor?

13. What is a wage rate?

14. What are the factors affecting the wage rate?

15. What is the third factor of production?

16. What is the difference between physical and financial capital?

17. When does production take place?

18. What is entrepreneurship?

19. What role do the entrepreneurs play?


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