Aberdeen Reliance is one of the country's smaller life insurance companies. It was set up in 1920 as a (1).This means that the 15,000 people who have insurance policies with the company are (2) These, in theory, own all the (3)..and there are no (4) .. Last year, the board of directors wanted to sell the company to a large American (5) but first they had to get the policy holders to agree to (6).This was heavily defeated, proving that many people still value the traditional status of the company.

1. A A. mutual B. public C. incorporated
2. A A. partners B. directors C. members
3. A A. profits B. salaries C. expenses
4. A A. customers B. traders C. shareholders
5. A A. corporation B. sector C. proprietor
6. A A. freelancing B. demuroalization C. limiting


'We are very excited about our new multimedia range. The original (1) .. was to produce a large, flat screen that would hang on the wall like a picture. Our (2)..research showed us that people don't want huge TVs in their living rooms. 80% of people who filled in our (3) . said they wanted one screen to be a TV, a computer monitor, or used to show DVDs.

It took us two years to make the (4).. When we showed it to our (5)..group they loved it. There were one or two small (6). , but we solved them easily. We are having a big product (7) next week and our sales (8)..... is approximately 100,000 units in the first year.'

A design B concept C manufacture
A market B shop C laboratory
A application B interview C questionnaire
A trial B version C prototype
A focus B panel C thought
A insects B bugs C flies
A launch B survey C rollout
A team B department C forecast



'This is where we produce plastic pipes and fittings for the construction industry. This (1)........was opened in 2001. Everything is highly (2)..with computers controlling all the machines. The system was expensive to buy but it is very (3)..When we are working at (4).capacity, we can produce 200 kilometers of pipe a day. We only employ 20 people in our (5)....................... team so our (6)....is very high.'

1. A shop B plant C works
2. A automatic- B autocratic C automated
3. A cost-effective B labour-intensive C mass-produced
4. A full B excess C spare
5. A making B producing C manufacturing
6. A intensity B productivity C capacity

'We sell parts to more than 100 computer companies. In fact, we are the largest (1) .. of electronic (2) ............. in the country. We hold huge (3) . worth millions of pounds in our (4) in Manchester and Southampton. The big manufacturers use us because we provide a just- (5) . service. They order the parts when they need them and we deliver within 24 hours.'

1. A business B supplier C industry
2. A components B pieces C bits
4. A stocks B goods C works
4. A headquarters B plants C warehouses
5. A in-house B in-time C in-case

Our company makes wooden garden furniture - mainly tables and chairs. Sales are much higher this year because we have spent a lot on (1).First we did a survey to find out about customer (2).. Then we redesigned all our (3).to include the special (4).... that people want. Our (5)..included a competition in all the major gardening magazines where the prize was a set of our furniture. Most importantly, we've made sure all our (6).. are very competitive because our customers want value for money.

1. A. selling B. distributing C. marketing
2. A. wants B. needs C. uses
3. A. products B. benefits C. services
4. A. goods B. profits C. features
5. A. presenting B. promotion C. persuasion
6. A. prices B. costs C. charges


Homestead is a new company selling consumer durables at low prices. The company has a policy of permanently low (1).. In fact, they guarantee that all branded products will be at least 10% less than the recommended (2) price. For example, a washing machine listed at £380 is on sale at £320. That's a (3) of over 15%. Competitors are angry that the company is using loss (4) . to attract customers. A spokesperson for Homestead admitted that some products were being sold at a (5) . but argued that this is standard business practice. 'They just don't like the fact that we arc (6) them,' he added. Is this the start of a price (7)


1.A charging B pricing C trading
2. A retail B sale C cost
3. A charge B profit C discount
4. A dealers B leaders C traders
5. A loser B lost C loss
6. A undercutting B discounting C overpricing
7. A hike B war C tag



It was announced today that the chemical giant Emronia UK is to be investigated, 'This follows an (1) ..... which revealed problems in the company's (2) A company spokesperson said that annual (3). for the past five years had given a (4) ..and fair picture; of Emronia's financial position. He stressed that the company follows British accounting(5)....But expert commentators are not convinced. Last year, Emronia reported a pre-tax

(6) of £29.6 million but many think that this was due to (7) ... accounting - or worse. Giles Merchant, advisor to the Stock Exchange, said that the company was hemorrhaging red (8).but had hidden the size of its liabilities.

1. A amortization B accountancy C audit

2. A accounts B assets C credits

3. A books B records C reports

4. A false B good C true

5. A results B rules C firms

6. A profit B budget C line

7. Awindow B creative C direct

8. A blood B Ink C losses


Alicom is a successful company. For the past ten years it has (1) .. part of its profits as dividends. However, its (2) earnings have been considerable. Its cash (3) ... are now estimated to be around 20 million. Financial experts say that Alicom has only a small debt to (4) .. and so may use its cash (5) . to buy out one of its rivals. CEO, Angela White, said that the company has no immediate plans to make an (6) ... but that it couldn't be ruled out in the future.

1. A posted B distributed C retailed
2. A retained B stored C kept
3. A shares B burden C reserves
4. A file B default C service
5. A stock B mountain C hill
6. A acquisition B administration C application



Pegasus Software looks like a good buy. The company was (1).last year and its shares are (2)........................ on the London stock (3)..When they were (4)..they were valued at 60 pence. Lots of (5)..were attracted by the company's strong sales figures. Now the (6) . is worth 92 pence.

A bonded floated C raised
2. A counted signed C noted
3. A bowse city C exchange
4. A issued started C distributed
5. A auditors creditors C investors
6. A trade stock C deal



'My name is Daniel Bertolino and I'm a software developer. In our department, we dress(1)We can't wear shorts or dirty T-shirts so I suppose it's (2)..casual". People in Sales have to dress (3).The men wear dark business (4).and so do the women. They all look the same. It's like a (5)..really. At the end of each month we have a (6) Friday. It's strange to see the CEO without a tie on.'

1. A casualty B causally C casually

2. A smart B straight C special

3. A obligatory B remotely C formally

4. A shirts B suits C suites

5. A uniform B portfolio C logo

6. A dress-up B dress-down C dress-in



My name is Stuart Macintosh and I am personal assistant to the CEO of Eastern Oil. He is the(1)of the company's finance committee. I'm responsible for arranging the monthly meetings. I have to prepare the (2).and then I have to (3)..it to all the participants. I also have to send copies of the (4)..of the last meeting. It's my job to check the (5).., to make sure that the meeting room is suitable and that lunch has been ordered.

You have to be a good (6)to do a job like this.



A chairlady B chairperson C chairwoman
A diary B calendar C agenda
A circulate B circular C circle
A hours B minutes C seconds
A avenue B revenue C venue
A organizer B organized C organization



'It's ten o'clock so let's make a (1) ,shall we? As you are (2). , the main (3)of this meeting is to discuss the new marketing campaign. As I (4)it, the whole thing is too fancy and too expensive. I want to know what the (5)..feeling is on

this. What (6). you, Sam? Why don't you start the ball (7)...?'


1 A start B begin C first

2 A seeing B knowing C aware

3 A matter B purpose C action

4 A see B look C clear

5 A special B general C main

6 A for B of C about

7 A going B rolling C kicking



It's difficult chairing a meeting. When you have a (1)., some people will agree with you but others may (2).. .It's OK when it's just a (3).of opinion, but sometimes it turns into an (4). .The important thing is to be (5).whatever happens. If someone gets very(6)..or says something rude, keep (7). .Just make your

(8)..bur do not (9)your temper. If you are (10).. , then things will just get worse!

A discussion B percussion C repercussion
A reply B refuse C disagree
A different B difference C differently
A agreement B argument C alternative
A courteous B mistaken C absurd
A disagreed B anger C angry-
A calm B cold C clear
A place B part C point
A lend B lose C let
A perfect B absolute C impolite



'I am very worried about next week. I am doing a (1)presentation about our new advertising campaign. There will be about 30 people in the (2)..- mainly regional sales managers. The (3).is a big hotel in London. They have excellent (4).so I don't have to worn- about that. I've prepared the (5).of my talk but I'm still working on my visual (6). .I've tried to (7)..the main parts of my talk so I won't have to read from my notes. On Friday, I'm going to (8) ..the whole thing in front of a few friends from the department."


1. A stand-up B sit-down C stand-down

2. A viewing B crowd C audience

3. A position B venue C placing

4. A facilities B faculties C functions

5. A output B content C object

6. A helps B aids C supports

7. A memories B memory C memorize

8. A rehearse B react C replay



'Here is some advice for making a presentation. People want to hear you, so (1)..your ' a voice to the back of the room. If you are using a (2)make sure you know how to turn on. Speak in a natural (3)and not too quickly. Don't speak in a monotone - vary the

(4)of your voice. Try to gain your audience's (5).. from the beginning. Start with an interesting (6) In the main part of your talk, use some surprising (7) .And don't forget to leave time for participants to ask (8).. ....... '


1. A shout B project C pass

2. A microphone B microscope C microlight

3. A tone B sound C note

4. A court B pitch C field

5. A digression B objective C attention-

6. A anecdote B antidote C antelope

7. A truths B facts C words

8. A discussions B practices C questions


'OK. Let me (1)..up what we've done today. (2) ,we looked at what makes a good leader. (3)we looked at key leadership .skills. Then, last, but by no means (4) , we talked about the consultation process. Are there any final (5).that you'd like to ask? No? Well then, that's a good (6)..to stop. (7)..you for listening.'


1. A run B add C sum

2. A Firstly B Starting C Openly

3. A Seconds B Secondly C Seconded

4. A last B lost C least

5. A questions B answers C information

6. A position B place C pointer

7. A Thank B Thanks C Thanking



'In a successful negotiation, no one should feel that they have lost. You should reach a win- (1)solution. After one side makes a proposal, the other should make a (2) -offer. If both sides make (3)..you can work towards a compromise. By making a goodwill (4).you may get something from the other side. It is this (5)..-trading that moves the negotiations along. If you are nor prepared to make a (6) -off. there is a chance that the talks will break down.'


1. A lose B draw C win

2. A counter B condition C consensus

3. A priorities B objectives C concessions

4. A gesture B mannerism C etiquette

5. A bull B horse C bear

6. A business B work C trade



There was bad news for the government today when negotiations between employers and the train drivers' union broke (1) .. .A spokesperson for the union said that there was (2).. .'The train owners are not prepared to compromise and so there is (3). . ' Barbara French of Northern Rail agreed that there were irreconcilable (4)and that the negotiators had reached an (5).. The union has proposed that a (6).should be appointed CO try to bring the two sides closer together. But (7).has been rejected by the employers, who wish to go straight to (8).. .This is unacceptable to the union which fears that an imposed (9) .would not satisfy its members. This dispute is clearly far from (10) . .


1. A . out B. in C. down
2. A. deadlock B. dreadlock C. padlock
3. A. checkmate B. stagnate C. stalemate
4. A. sides B. differences C. bargains
5. A. impasse B. impassable C. impress
6. A. negotiator B. director C. mediator
7. A. discussion B. mediation C. confrontation
8. A. arbitration B. arbitrate C. arbitrator
9. A. condition B. settlement C. decision
10. A. answering B. finalize C. resolution

1. This company was set up as a small family in 1977.

A. empire B. corporation C. business

2. Sally Green is on the board of ..

A. directors B. founders C. managers

3. Tom East is the . executive in charge of Marketing.

A. chief B. head C. senior

4. Last year we made .......... of £1.5 million.

A. liabilities B. profits C. finances

5. The corporate we try to present is of a business that truly values its customers.

A.image B.logo C.ladder

6. We .. about 20 people in our London office and most have been with us for years.

A. hire B. employ C.appoint

7. Each year, we . two or three graduates as trainee managers.

A.recruit B.qualify C. situate

8. 8. We pay reasonable salaries and offer excellent fringe

A.perks B.tips C.benefits

9. Next month we are going to ... two new products.

A.forecast B. innovate C. launch

10. We have carried out a lot of market ... over the past year.

A.focus B.research C. development

11. We are well known in America, but now we want to ... the European market.

A. compete B. entrance C. penetrate

12. The world's soft drinks market is .. by Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

A. dominated B. segmented C. shared

13. We were . out of business by the large supermarket chains.

A. left B. driven C. abandoned

14. We bought out our only competitor so we could the marker in coffee.

A. corner B. front C. edge

15. Our most important marketis men aged from 18 to 30.

A. place B. share C. segment

16. Competition is. in the fast food business.

A. efficient B. intense C. successful

17. We do our printing in-house but we delivery to a small local company.

A supply B source C subcontract

18. We have set up quality as part of our TQM system.

A circles B lines C corners

19. We need a market economy where the government doesn't try to control prices.

A base B low C free

20. Until last year they the market but now they face some stiff competition.

A penetrated B dominated C segmented

21. Our new. protects our eggs on the way to the shops and it looks good on the shelves.

A production B packaging C promotion

22. If you want to save some money buy products rather than the top brands.

A generic B durable C consumer

23. If you pay cash for this TV we will give you a 5%

A hike B sale C discount

24. Our prices are low because we cut out theand sell directly from the factory.

A middleman B marketer C manufacturer

25. Customers who use our.. card get one point for every pound they spend.

A franchise B sponsorship C loyalty

26. We had nearly 5,000 .to our website last week.

A hits B visitors C views

27. We can increase our profit.. by reducing our overheads.

A account B margin C costs

28. We've made a loss for the past three years hut we should break............................. this year.

A even B up C out

29. The company's debt.was too large and it couldn't make the repayments.

A schedule B default C burden

30. With 51% of the shares, Max Com now has ainterest in Media World.

A majority B mid-range C minority

31. We agreed a 4,000with the bank but the interest rate is very high.

A deposit B overdraft C balance

32. Geno Science was.on the stock exchange last year.

A issued B floated C invested

33. The FTSE 100fell by 1.4% yesterday.

A market B bourse C index

34. I've got lots to do but finishing this report is my first.............

A priority B schedule C perfection

35. The Japanese car manufacturer is to 5,000 jobs at its plants in Europe.

A axe B plunge C ease

36. He was selling Rolex watches for S1,000, but they turned out to be

A counterfeits B forges C fakes

37. The country's gross domestic.has grown by more than $200 billion.

A payment B product C profit

38. I gave up my job in the City to have moretime with my family.

A downshift B value C quality

39. Out new CEO has charisma and a natural..for leadership.

A flair B drive C energy

40. I think that is important so I am never late for a business meeting.

A hospitality B formality C punctuality

41. I got your fax but the last page wasn't.. .

A reading B legible C written

42. Can you send me an e-mail with the data files... ?

A attached B fixed C linked

43. The directors have called angeneral meeting to discuss the debt crisis.

A ordinary B external C extraordinary

44. Are there any issues arising from the..of the last meeting?

A hours B minutes C seconds

45. Let's go over the actionagreed at last week's meeting.

A points B objectives C tactics

46. I'm sorry, but increasing our bank loan is out of the......................................

A question B opinion C solution

47. If we don't find a. then our negotiations will break down.

A position B digression C compromise

48. They announced the merger at a press..last night.

A workshop B conference C seminar

49. She is a good presenter, but she always runs..time.

A out B over C into

50. In my, we spend too much on corporate hospitality.

A view B thinking C idea

51. They said it was their final offer but we.............................. their bluff.

A conceded B considered C called

52. I'm pleased to say that we reached a...late last night.

A settlement B mediation C concession



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