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Измените предложения, используя в них оборот «сложное подлежащее».

1. By the term offence we usually understand a crime not indictable but punishable. (to consider)

2. Everyone expects that the federal court will reverse the state judge`s erroneous findings. (to expect)

3. The general opinion was that the court would uphold a practice. (to be likely)

4. The traditional view is that judicial review is concerned with the lawfulness of a decision. (to believe)

5. They suppose that the remedy will be in force for a limited period of 2 years. (to suppose)

6. According to the report, an average judge in the Moscow Arbitrazhniy Court handles around 450 cases a year. (to report)

7. It is said that the defendant`s whereabouts were unknown. (to tell)

8. They say that the trial has been postponed. (to say)

9. Everyone thinks the parties will resort to alternative dispute resolution. (to be sure)

10. A conciliator is now trying to settle their dispute. This was announced yesterday. (to announce)

11. The standards of proof are higher in criminal action then in a civil one. (to turn to be)

12. The victim of a road accident does not directly benefit if the driver who injured him is found guilty of the crime of careless driving. (to appear)

13. Once the plaintiff has shown that the defendant is liable, the main argument in a civil court is about the amount of money, or damages, which the defendant should pay to the plaintiff. (to be sure)

14. The concept of vicarious liability is useful when high damages are sought and the defendant does not have enough money to pay them. (to regard)

15. The plaintiff has to show that he has suffered an action recognized as a tortious one and he has to show that his relation to the tort feasor gives him the legal capacity to sue. (to be certain)



Civil Procedure in the United States

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