Listening practice

17.7.1. Look at the following questions. You'll have to answer them after reading the text.

1. When did they have school?

2. When did Herbert Berk become politician?

3. What is James Steven?

4. Where is he now?

5. What did Charlie Philipps give to Mary Foot when they left school?

6. When did they get married?

7. Where did they move to?

17.7.2. Listen to the story.

17.7.3. Answer the questions in 17.7.1.

17.7.4. Look through the list of words. They will help you to understand the text. twin

diverge adolescence adulthood strive compliment clash sheer deliberately quirk

17.7.5. Listen to the story. Be ready to give the contents of it.

17.7.6. Tell the contents of the story as close to the text as possible.

Time for fun

17.8.1. Read and translate the following joke:


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  10. Conversational Practice
  11. I. You will hear a text about animal rights. Before listening discuss the words in the box with your fellow students and your teacher
  12. II. Listen to the following words and practice their pronunciation

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